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Festival Programme 2019

Paekakariki Pride Festival 2019 - Media Release

This planet isn’t big enough for Paekakariki Pride, so this year it’s launching itself into space! (Well, the dance party is anyway.)


Because fifty years ago, astronauts allegedly walked on the moon. In 1969, while the world was gripped with who was winning the space race, on earth the start of the gay liberation movement kicked off with the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City. Also, global warming was a term that was starting to be used by scientists and Woodstock happened. The times they were a-changing.

Fast forward to 2019 in the laid-back, progressive village of Paekakariki and we’re celebrating some of the world changing events that got us to where we are today. The theme for this year’s dance party is A Space Oddity – a nod to the first moon landing which happened the same year as the infamous Stonewall rebellion that is associated with the start of gay communities’ fighting for basic human rights and freedoms.

The Paekakariki Pride Festival turns three this year, and riding on the success of some of the staple events like the (World’s Shortest) Pride Parade, the dance party and the quiz night – organisers this year have added a couple of other new events to keep things interesting and exciting.

The first of these is a kids’ disco which will follow immediately after the parade.

Another new event is a book launch by local Wellington writer, Kate Torrens, of her novel ‘The Swimmers’, set in post-Homosexual Law Reform/AIDs crisis Aotearoa New Zealand. “We’re absolutely delighted to be hosting this exclusive book launch as part of our festival,” says Pat McIntosh, Paekakariki Pride Festival Committee member, “this is a coup for us.”

Reflecting on the past fifty years of celebration and activism in the rainbow communities, Val Little, co-organiser says that while the world is much more accepting and inclusive of gay men and lesbians, there are still certain groups that struggle to maintain visibility, respect and even basic human rights in Aotearoa. “Bisexual people are still marginalised by both ends of the sexuality spectrum – told they’re confused or promiscuous and our trans whanau face some incredibly difficult challenges in the rainbow spaces at the moment.”

According to recent research, funded by the Health Research Council and with support from University of Waikato and Rule Foundation, trans people experience discrimination at more than double the rate of the general population, almost half of trans people had someone attempt to have sex with them against their will since age 13, and almost a third reported someone did have sex with them against their will since age 13. The report, entitled ‘Counting Ourselves’ found that research participants reported high or very high levels of psychological distress at a rate nine times that of the general population. In the last 12 months, more than half had seriously considered suicide, and 12% had attempted suicide.

The study surveyed 1,178 participants, from all regions of Aotearoa, ranging from 14 to 83 years old.

“It’s really important to us that the Paekakariki Pride Festival is a welcoming, inclusive and very positive experience for all of our rainbow whanau,” says Little. “Our aim is to provide spaces that celebrate our commonalities and our differences – our events are not places to debate or judge others’ lives.”

Proceeds from this year’s festival are being shared between two organisations – Kapiti Youth Service’s Project Youth, a social and support group for rainbow identifying young people, and Paekakariki School for rainbow resources for their students.

If you’re looking for something fun and fabulous to do over Labour Weekend, grab your moon boots and head to the friendly sea-side village of Paekakariki because the Pride Festival is going to be out of this world!

For further information and updates check out the Facebook page - Rainbow in the Village – Paekakariki Pride Festival 2019 -

Fri 25th Oct

6pm               Rainbow Meet & Mingle - Finn's Bar & Restaurant

Sat 26th Oct

10am -1pm       The Great Paekākāriki Plant Sale - (an associated event) - Paekākāriki School

2pm - 3pm        A Rainbow in the Village Pride Parade - Meet at Campbell Park at 2pm - Warm up is a parade down the Parade to St Peter's Village Hall - then ribbon is cut at the Rainbow Crossing at St Peter's Hall for the Worlds "unofficial" Shortest Pride Parade across the village Rainbow Crossing

3pm - 4pm.      Kids' Disco - St Peter's Village Hall

7-11pm            A Rainbow in the Village Space Oddity Dance Party 2019 - St Peter's Village Hall

Sun 27th Oct

10pm -1pm     Pride Celebration Brunch - Finn's Restaurant, Beach Road Deli, the Perching Parrot, Beach Rd

2pm - 3.30pm Rainbow Book Launch - St Peter's Village Hall

7pm-10pm      Queer Quiz - Paekākāriki Bowling Club

Mon 28th Oct

10pm             Chasing the Rainbow Bike Ride - Starts from Paekakariki Surf Club

12pm            Take the Plunge - Paekakariki Surf Club

1pm               Rainbow Family Picnic in the Park - Campbell Park


Fri 25th Oct 6pm - Rainbow Meet & Mingle

Finns Bar & Restaurant, Beach Rd, Paekakariki

Join us on the sunny deck and launch the start of a fun-filled weekend of Pride and love at Paekakariki's favourite watering hole. Meet the friendly locals and the out-of-towners over a quiet drink.

If you'd like to stay on for a meal you'll need to book in advance - at least a couple of days before.

Enjoy a quiet drink in the bar, a meal* at the restaurant or a laugh on the sun-drenched deck with friends and other festival goers.Tables are limited.

Details at or ring 04 292-8081.

Sat 26th Oct 2-3pm - The World's Shortest (unofficial) Pride Parade

Starts from Campbell Park, The Parade, Paekakariki

Dress in your brightest colours, bring musical instruments, your dog, your friends and whanau and make some noise for the world-famous-in-Paekakariki Pride Parade!

Assemble at 2pm at Campbell Park on The Parade. We'll finish up at the usual destination of St Peter's Village Hall where we'll cut the ribbon, walk across the crossing and declare it the World's Shortest Pride Parade for the third year running!

Show your pride, solidarity, respect and love for and with your rainbow whanau.

Sat 26th Oct 3-4pm - Kids' Disco

St Peter's Village Hall, Paekakariki

Last year you told us you wanted more events for the little ones in our village and this year we're bringing the first ever Kid's Disco to Paekakariki Pride!

After all the excitement of the parade, what better way to use all that positive energy of pride and fun than to shake a few moves on the dancefloor?

This free event is proudly brought to you by Vinyl & Proud.

Sat 27th Oct 7pm-11pm - A Rainbow in the Village Space Oddity Dance Party 2019

St Peter's Village Hall, Paekakariki

Vinyl&Proud is over the moon to host this year's Paekakariki Pride Dance Party... A Space Oddity.

Grab your crew and join us for an out-of-this-world dance party in the best venue in the universe!

We'll rock your moon boots off with some of the best old skool and new dance music in the galaxy.

Dress code is space-age, futuristic, sci-fi, alien - queer chic.

There's a cash-bar (no BYO) and snacks available for purchase.

Don't delay - tix will sell out FAST!

Thanks to Abandoned Brewery for running the bar and snacks.

All proceeds from the dance will be donated to Project Youth - a social and support service for rainbow identified young people run through Kapiti Youth Service (KYS). 

Sun 27th Oct 10pm-1pm - Rainbow Brunch

The Perching Parrot, Beach Road Deli and Finns Hotel Paekakariki

Turn up to one of the fabulous eateries in Paekakariki and join the Pride Festival party people for a coffee or a breakfast of champions!

Choose from The Perching Parrot, Beach Road Deli and Finns Hotel Paekakariki... or visit all three.

We have some of the best kai on the coast.

Sun 27th Oct 2pm - Exclusive Book Launch

St Peter's Village Hall

We are rapt to bring you the launch of 'The Swimmers' - a debut novel by local Wellington queer writer Kate Torrins!

Event schedule:

- Launch of the debut novel “The Swimmers” by Kate Torrens.

- Readings from The Kapiti Women’s Writing Group

- Open mic

- Drinks and nibbles

'The Swimmers' is set in 1986 at the time the Homosexual Law Reform Bill was passed. Despite merciless and divisive social debate, the stories of gay people, submerged in mainstream heterosexual culture surface; and a more compassionate light is shone on the genuine crisis posed by the AIDS epidemic.

'The Swimmers' is the story of two gay runaways. From makeshift camps and squats, Celie writes her dead grandmother letters in which she describes the failure of her first tenuous gay relationship and her confusion of swimming and dying.

Her story parallels that of her lost Uncle Jack who disappeared years earlier after being rejected by his mother for admitting a homosexual relationship. Uncle Jack returns home, dying of AIDS, at the crux of vociferous opposition to the Reform Bill. In, at what times, seems like a quirky comedy of errors, the story traces the disruption of familial relationships and their relentless, resilient recovery.

'The Swimmers' is available on Amazon.

Signed copies will be available at the book launch.

Sun 27th Oct 7pm Paekakariki Pride Queer Quiz Night 2019

Paekakariki Bowling Club, 10 Wellington Road, Paekakariki

Get a team of six together, dress up, swot up on all things queer and have a fun and frivolous night.

Limited to ten teams so get in quick!

Cost $10 per person plus bring cash for drinks and snacks.*

To register your team email

*(All proceeds from the quiz night will go to Paekakariki School for their rainbow resources.)

Mon 28th Oct 10pm - Chasing the Rainbow Bike Ride

Paekakariki Surf Club

Join our wonderful Bike Library boss, Jan Nisbet, for a two-wheeled adventure around the best cycle tracks in Paekakariki.

You'll need your own bike, helmet, water, snacks and sunblock.

Meet at 10am outside the Paekakariki Surf Lifesaving Club at the end of The Parade. Don't worry, you'll be back in time for the swim at midday :)

Mon 28th Oct 12pm - Take the Plunge

Paekakariki Surf Club

Are you brave enough to take the plunge into the breakers at Paekakariki Beach for the first swim of the season?

We dare you to dress up in your campest swim wear and do the dash and splash. Prize for the person who stays in the longest.

Meet at the Paekakariki Surf Club end of the beach - look for the rainbow flags.

Mon 28th Oct 1pm - Family Picnic in the Park

Campbell Park, The Parade

Join us for a laid-back, low-key picnic with the weekend Pride Festival revellers. Bring your family, your (well-behaved!) dog, your friends and whanau and debrief on the events of the weekend.

Bring your own picnic, picnic blanket, sun-block and games.

Cancelled if wet or too yucky.

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